Attention: If you suffer from Acid Reflux or GERD and want to find a permanent all natural cure for these hideous diseases. Please take a few minutes to read the material and watch the videos below. Virtually everybody that has utilized our program cures their acid reflux or GERD and is able to return to their normal pain free life.

Dear Fellow Sufferers of Acid Reflux, GERD & Heartburn,

Below you will discover the most innovative all natural program that has ever been developed to help you cure your acid reflux, GERD and heartburn permanently.

These techniques have been utilized by 1,000's of people before you to heal these diseases quickly, effectively and safely. If you are like me and are a long time sufferer of acid reflux, and heartburn I feel your pain. I was in your situation for all too long, until I finally put my foot down and said "NO MORE."

Just like you; more than likely, I spent $100,s each month on drugs and antacids that did not cure anything, but only supplied a little relief for a short period. If you want to be taught how to stop acid reflux, GERD and heartburn once and for all; without prescription medications, over-the-counter treatments, antacids or any of the horrendous side affects that comes with these remedies, then by all means please keep reading. I guarantee your results will be the same as mine and 1,000's of others.


Best Wishes, You No Longer Have To Live In Agony! William Allen

Our Proram is the ONLY known permanent CURE for Acid Reflux, GERD, or Hearturn.
Each time acid comes into contact with your esophagus & LES you feel PAIN & it DAMAGES these organs.

Get off the DRUGS you are taking for pain relief, they are doing you much more HARM than good.

What Makes This All-Natural Program So Effective?

The Program Cures Acid Reflux and GERD Permanently - Do you know that the vast majority of the individuals that seek traditional western medical treatments for acid reflux, GERD and heartburn fail to cure their symptoms?

The failure rate is well over 90%, which is staggering. If you want to be in the small percentage that actually rids themselves of these hideous health conditions we can teach you how to do it quickly, naturally and effectively!

The Program Cures Acid Reflux and GERD Naturally - Traditional Western medicine treats acid reflux and GERD with the assertion that if we can stop or counteract the hydrochloric acid formed in our stomachs, we can eliminate the problem. After all, if the acid is causing the pain, then remove the acid, correct?

This can definitely help certain individuals for short periods; it doesn't offer a long-term solution. The truth is that while this approach solves a portion of the problem, the symptoms, it does not offer a life-time cure.

In this program you will learn all natural, extremely safe and highly effective remedies that will allow you to heal these diseases permanently. This a very efficient approach and if you follow its recommendations you will feel better immediately and in a short time you will not even remember what the pain was ever like.

The Program Cures Acid Reflux and GERD Without Prescription Medications or Antacids - Today we are inundated with never-ending advertising which results in many people going to their doctors looking for quick relief.

They are often prescribed drugs called Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI), (H)2-Receptor Blockers and/or antacids when they have pain caused by acid reflux or GERD.

While these treatments may offer short-term pain relief, they certainly are NOT A CURE and do not allow the patient to live a pain free life.

Additionally, when these remedies are used for long periods they can hide the indicators your body is conveying that stop you from finding the actual causes of your acid reflux or GERD.

It is now possible for you to learn how to cure your acid reflux, GERD and heartburn without the use of any drugs what so ever, and completely eliminate the dreadful side effects that the people taking them often experience.

Learn about the SUPER powerful all natural pain relief product that we will teach you about here.

TOTALLY stop the acid your stomach produces from ever reaching your LES or esophagus & damaging them.

Your almost CURED now and these two all natural products will greatly accelerate the process.

Pain Free Finally

Hello Bill, I just want to thank you for your wonderful program and you were right, I did feel better right after my first meal. In fact I was pain free for five hours until my next meal. Over the years I have spent so much money on perceptions and antacids that I am sure it has run into the ten's of thousands of dollars.

I wish I had known about this program sooner. Not only would I have saved a ton of money, I would have stopped those terrifying side affects I was experiencing from the drugs.

Thanks again, Trevor Inman, (Independence, Kansas)

Peptic Ulcer and Acid Reflux Sufferer That Conquered These Diseases and Now Lives Pain Free Will Teach You the Following

How to CURE GERD and Acid Reflux naturally and permanently!


How to SAVE $1,000's by NEVER requiring acid reflux drugs again!

How to END the hideous SIDE AFFECTS of the Prescription drugs!

How to SLEEP soundly at night pain free!

How to GET RID OF burping, belching & flatulence once and for all!

How to stop the BURNING in your stomach, LES & esophagus!

How to eat BETTER and HEALTHIER than you ever have!

How to eat and NOT suffer acid reflux or heartburn!

Esophagectomy Surgery Cancelled

Hello, I was scheduled for Esophagectomy one week after I found your site. I obtained your program and stayed up all night reading every detail. I followed your recommendations completely for the next week. By the end of the week I was feeling great. I told my doctor that I did not think I needed the surgery anymore.

He had a look at my esophagus and could not believe it healed itself so much, so quickly. What a relief, I was not looking forward to surgery at all.

Thanks So Much, Peter Blacard, (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Research Studies from Highly Respected Medical Facilities

The New England Journal of Medicine reports that an astounding 75% of the individuals using standard medications for the treatment of acid reflux, GERD, heartburn or indigestion continue to experience their extreme discomfort as often as three or more times a week.

The report goes on to state that even after the patients stop taking the drugs, they are often forced to return to them due to the fact the pain they are experiencing usually returns in a relatively short time frame.

The National Institutes of Health identifies digestive issues as the leading cause of hospitalization, surgery and disability in the United States. It now affects more than 65 million Americans, and hundreds of millions of other individuals worldwide.

According to the Surgeon General's Report on Nutrition and Health, digestive issues comprise the #1 health problem in North America. Oddly enough, most of the digestive problems we suffer from today barely existed a century ago.

The foods consumed widely today consist of dreadful mixtures of chemical that are in virtually every processed food found on a supermarkets shelf's.

These items in concert with our poor eating habits damage our digestive systems beyond its ability to make up for these dreadful food selections.

It is possible to overcome and cure these serious health problems and still maintain a healthy and delicious diet? Yes it is, and this is a major focus point in our program.

If you desire, you can actually eat your way to a healthy lifestyle while taking pleasure in many foods that you will thoroughly enjoy. And best of all, you can end your dependence on the drugs and medications forever and cure these diseases permanently.

I have Tried Virtually Ever Drugs Possible, but I was Still in Constant Pain Until I found your Program

I have been suffering from these digestive problems for years. I had all the tests & the only thing that showed up was a hiatal hernia. I tried Protonix, Aciphex, Nexium & Zegerid. None of them relieved the problems. Stress seemed to put into motion the really bad episodes; although I seemed to have an intense episode at least three times a week.

The doctor put me on Pepcid twice a day and it had no effect at all. I am chewing Maalox continuously. Sleeping is very difficult and requires a slanted pillow. Even with it I still wake up most nights nauseous and with a intense pain in my stomach.

That was until I discovered your all-natural program on the internet and my life has changed for the better forever. The constant pain has ended completely and I sleeping better than I every have. Best of all, my family is so happy that my attitude towards life has improved considerably due to the fact I am pain-free and re-energized like I was never before.

Thanks so Much, Dorothy Littman, (Minneapolis Minnesota)

Video Success Story - After 10 years of taking drugs for acid reflux, she stopped and was CURED naturally.
Video Success Story - He found a permanent cure & stopped taking the drugs & now lives PAIN-FREE.
Video Success Story - She stopped NEXIUM and PEPCID completely and was NATURALLY Cured.

Your Body Is Crying Out For Help – Why Are You Not Listening?

Each time you experience a bout of acid reflux or GERD it is your body's way of telling, "Hey, I am in trouble, give me a helping hand." You body is telling you that "You are doing something that is hurting me, please stop."

So, what do you do? You reach for a medication, over-the-counter-treatment or antacid that shuts DOWN your body's internal warning indicator that there is a problem that needs to be rectified immediately.

Pain is like the warning signals on your automobiles dashboard. It alarms you to something that needs researched. Pain serves an essential purpose. It's your body's way of saying, "Pay attention to what's happening."

When your pain is acute enough, or annoying enough, or lasts long enough you find yourself in your doctor's office. Then, ideally, you and your doctor figure out what's causing the pain and fix the underlying cause.

The most satisfying encounters for you occur when the pain points to a clear diagnosis; you're treated and the disease is cured. A good example is a cough and pain in the chest when taking a deep breath leading to the diagnosis of pneumonia that is cured with antibiotics. But not all pain is solved that easily. Which is exactly the case with acid reflux and GERD. Doctor's can NOT cure these symptoms , so they do the next best thing and provide you medications that relive your pain temporarily.

How Long Does Acid Reflux Last?

Acid reflux will last for a lifetime if not effectively treated with all natural remedies that actually cure the disease. Drug treatments prescribed by physicians are utilized only for short-term pain relief only and are NOT a cure.

They will have to be taken continuously for the rest of your life, since your symptoms will re-occur and you will need them for temporary pain relief.

How Serious is Acid Reflux?

For most people with acid reflux, GERD or heartburn the discomfort associated with these symptoms can affect quality of life and everyday activities; including work, family interaction and even sleeping.

Acid reflux is also the cause of heartburn and GERD which in severe cases this can be very problematic and even lead to cancer of the esophagus.

When esophagatis is present the lining of the esophagus is damaged and may become ulcerated which can result in narrowing of the esophagus which can making swallowing of food painful as well as extremely difficult.

Antacids Can Lead to Harmful Mineral Imbalances in Your Body

Antacids can provide quick relief from the symptoms of acid reflux, but they also cover up the warning signs of the primary medical problems you are experiencing.

Most over-the-counter-antacids contain excessive sodium, aluminum, and magnesium. If these products are over used, harmful mineral imbalances will often occur and can lead to other potentially negative physical condition.

The Long Term Affects of Drugs for the Treatment of Acid Reflux and GERD is Not Presently Understood

Prescription drugs work by suppressing the production of stomach acid. The long-term affects of these drugs are just beginning to be researched.

This study revealed that there are many undesirable side effects that often occur after long-term use of these drugs and they can frequently lead to potentially serious health problems.

Using the Wrong Treatments to Heal Acid Reflux and GERD Can and Will Make the Diseases Worse

Are you making the same serious mistakes so many other acid reflux, GERD and heartburn patients do in an attempt at temporary pain relief? These approaches do NOT cure anything and continued use of them will eventually lead to long-term and possibly very serious health conditions.

You simply can not eliminate a serious internal health condition using drugs or medications that are NOT designed as a cure, but are only intended to supply short-term pain relief.

Once you acquire our program and take time to read it you will completely understand why it is so powerful. You will also realize that the only way to put an end to these diseases permanently is exactly what is taught in this course.

Essentially, in most cases you are only going to need to make minor life style changes. Instead of doing this, you are going have to do that. If you do not make these adjustments, you are going to have to live with the pain for the rest of your life, it is that simple

You can go to all the doctors you want, they cannot cure these diseases. They however can prescribe you drugs to temporarily relieve your pain that actually contributes to the symptoms getting worst. How can that be?

The drugs and medications all work in the same way; they stop your stomach from generating acid for a period of time. Is this natural? Of course not, your stomach should be producing acid 24/7 to help you digest your next meal.

Is this the way your body was designed to function? Of course not, for millions of years mankind has digested their food the same way, with the help of acid which is produced in your stomach.

Let’s look at what happens to your body when you take one of these acid stopping drugs. The first thing that happens is your stomach stops making acid. This would be great except for one little thing, you are going to need to eat again.

What happens when you eat again? Well, your stomach does not have any acid in it that it needs to digest your food. So what happens? It goes into over-drive generating massive amounts of acid to make up for lost time to help you digest your meal.

What happens to you now? You are in pain again, because your stomach has too much acid in it once again and it ends up being refluxed back up your LES and esophagus damaging them once more. So, what do you do? You reached for another pill to relieve the pain and start the never ending downward spiral all over once more.

Each and every time the acid produced in your stomach reaches your LES and esophagus it damages them. When this happens time and again the pain you are feeling is only going to intensify and the time it takes to heal these vital organs only increases.

If the drugs you are taking stops your stomach from producing acid and they are also causes your stomach to produce massive amounts of acid when you eat again, please explain to me how this is a valid treatment? There is a reason why these are some of the best selling drugs in the history of the pharmaceutical industry and this is it. They relieve the pain that they themselves contributed to in the first place.

Our program is very simple to understand and easy to follow. It is only common sense; it will teach you what causes your stomach to generate too much acid and the steps you need to take to stop this process. Once you do that the pain will end immediately. Over-time, once the acid stops reaching your LES and esophagus and damaging them they will heal themselves which will allow you to return to your normal pain-free life.

No More The Drugs

Dear Mr. Allen, I am writing to let you know that you were correct; in fact it could not have turned out better. The supplement you recommended works GREAT, just like you said it would. I stopped buying perception drugs and antacids the day I received your program.

The supplement came in handy when I cheated and did things not advised in the program. I am strictly following the program everyday now and I don't need anything, nothing at all, not even the supplement. My life has changed so much due to your program. I now feel great all the time, which I never did before I found your book.

Sincerely, Susan McTabish, (Perth, Australia)

Video Success Story - Suffered from GERD after pregnancy until she found our PROGRAM & was cured.
Video Success Story - She suffered from GERD after her 1st pregnancy. She now lives PAIN-FREE.
Video Success Story - She lost 50% of her bone mass due to the GERD drugs & had develop osteoporosis.

GERD Cured With Homeopathy Remedies

I was having serious problems with acid reflux, heartburn and GERD and none of the drugs were helping me. I was desperate and exhausted by persistent nausea and vomiting. I actually was a very sick person. One day I happened to meet a person who suggested that I find some kind of a homeopathy treatment to solve my problems. I was skeptic at first, but I did not have anything to lose.

What I found out is that acid reflux could easily be cured with homeopathy treatments and these products can be used for prolonged periods and its affects are long lasting. It was certainly not like the GERD medications I was using that only lasted for short periods. Actually, these drugs should be used for only a few weeks. The homeopathic products that relieved my acid reflux pain are actually based on natural remedies, foods, plants and herbs. They helped me tremendous and ended my health problems completely.

My Sincerest Gratitude, Nancy Mactabish (Long Island, NY)

What You Will LEARN

Learn the REAL causes of your acid reflux and how to avoid them!

Learn SAFE, EFFECTIVE and NATURAL remedies to treat acid reflux!

Learn how to STOP heartburn and chest pain immediately!

Learn about an all natural PRODUCT that provides INSTANT pain relief!

Learn to use the two week HEALING PLAN that will cure these diseases!

Learn a natural TREATMENT that eliminates GERD immediately!

Learn about my little TRICK that helps you eat less and lose weight!

Learn the HERBS that have been used for centuries to treat acid reflux!

Learn the food groups and what foods HELP and what foods Hurt!

Learn why YOU get acid reflux and GERD and your friends DON'T!

Why You Should Use This Approach

If you are like me and are a long-time sufferer from the pain and agony caused by either acid reflux, GERD or heartburn that often occurs on a daily basis you will soon be FREE of that constant irritation.

It was so bad at times that I can remember rolling of the floor almost crying when I experienced a bad bout from it. Before I learned what I am going to teach you, do you know what I was an expert at? I am sure many of you reading this can relate to this, I was a specialist at vomiting just to get the acid out of my stomach so I could have a half hour to an hour of a pain free existence; as disgusting as that is.

I would literally stick my left hand half way down my throat to force myself to regurgitate. I would do this to get the acid out and provide me a little relief for a short period.

Over the years when I lived with acid reflux, GERD and heartburn before I discovered and refined what you will find in this program; I must have done this 1,000’s of times. I can only imagine what long-term damage it did to my stomach, esophagus, LES and digestive track.

You never know when it is going to hit either. One second your felling fine and the next second your body is bent over at a 45 degree angle because of a sudden attack. And of course that always happens at the most inopportune time.

I healed myself and 1,000’s of other people have also cured there acid reflux, GERD and heartburn by following this program. I guarantee you that you will feel much better immediately once you start on the program and after a couple of weeks you will not even remember what the pain was ever like.

I Tried Everything, But The Pain Would Never Go Away

I suffered from a peptic ulcer, acid reflux, GERD and heartburn for years until I finally told myself I needed to find a way out of the situation I was in.

At the time I was spending hundreds of dollars each month on prescription medicines and antacids that did not cure the problem, but only provided relief for short periods.

The problem with the drugs I was taking is they expensive. Also the side affects of the medicines were taking their toll on me.

They were disturbing me both mentally & physically. When you first start taking these drugs you really don't care if they have side affects or what they cost, because you finally have something that relieves the pain, if for only a short period.

It is only after you have been using them a while do you begin to notice something isn't right. By then you are addicted to them, since they are the only thing that stops the discomfort quickly.

If you are like me and want a better life for yourself you MUST step away from the drugs and antacids and find a cure for acid reflux, GERD and heartburn.

Sleeping All Night Finally

It is hard to tell you how many years it has been since I was able to sleep an entire night without having to get up and take my prescription so the discomfort would go away and I could go back to sleep.

It has been so long I forgot what it felt to awake and actually feel rested. My entire life has changed now; I have so much more energy and want to do so much more. My husband's life has also changed and he is happy about it.

Best Regards, Shelly Zimgrad, (Seattle, Washington)

Video Success Story - She suffered for 15 years and within 2 weeks she felt 100% better and was cured.
Video Success Story - He hated the Side-Affects of the Drugs and now lives PAIN-FREE without them.
Video Success Story - She CURED her acid reflux and returned to her normal ACTIVE life finally.

How To Cure Acid Reflux And GERD

Part of our program is a fourteen day healing and curing curriculum that utilizes our super powerful formulas specifically developed and designed that by the time you finish the fourteen day plan you will not even remember what the PAIN ever felt like.

Why wait to end the pain? Why wait to end the suffering? Why do you keep spending your money on drugs that do NOT cure anything and have appalling side affects?

It is all in your hands now, if you want to end the pain quickly, effectively and permanently you NOW know how.

Report from the Archives of Internal Medicine

Have heartburn occasionally? Suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) symptoms? Mention your indigestion to a pharmacist and the odds are you'll be directed to proton pump inhibitor (PPI) drugs that are now sold over the counter.

Or, if you tell your doctor about your heartburn problems, you'll most likely be given a prescription for an even stronger dose of a PPI. These Big Pharma profit making drugs (which include Prilosec, Nexium, Prevacid, Aciphex and Protonix) are pushed for indigestion because they are supposedly stronger and faster acting than other older acid suppressing and acid neutralizing meds.

But there are problems with these widely hyped drugs. According to a series of reports just published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, not only are PPIs being over-prescribed and over-used but they are fraught with health dangers.

"A staggering 113.4 million prescriptions for proton pump inhibitors are filled each year, making this class of drugs, at $13.9 billion in sales, the third highest seller in the United States," Mitchell H. Katz, M.D., of the San Francisco Department of Public Health, wrote in an editorial accompanying the reports.

Dr. Katz pointed out that between 53 percent and 69 percent of PPIs are being prescribed inappropriately. What's more, doctors are too often pushing these drugs without considering potential adverse side effects.

Bottom line: PPIs are often used to treat plain old common indigestion (dyspepsia) in the absence of ulcers, inflammation or severe GERD. "That proton pump inhibitors relieve dyspepsia is without question, but at what cost (and I do not mean financial)?" Dr. Katz asked.

So what specifically is the downside to acid-suppressing PPIs? The new reports in the current issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine offer some disturbing answers to that question:

Shelly L. Gray, Pharm.D., of the University of Washington and colleagues reported that PPIs increase the risk of fractured bones in women after menopause. They followed 161,806 women between ages 50 and 79 in the Women's Health Initiative Study for eight years and found those taking PPIS had an increased risk of spine and forearm or wrist fractures in addition to more total fractures.

Michael D. Howell, M.D., M.P.H., of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School and fellow researchers studied the records of more than 100,000 patients discharged from hospitals over a five year period. Daily PPI use, they discovered, was linked to an estimated 74 percent increase in infections due to Clostridium difficile (C. difficile), a bacterium that can cause life-threatening diarrhea and inflammation of the colon.

Another group of researchers headed by Amy Linsky, M.D., of Boston Medical Center, also found a worrisome link between C. difficile and PPIs. They investigated approximately 1,200 patients being treated for C. difficile and documented a 42 percent increased risk of recurrence with the infection if PPIs were used.

"Harm will result if these commonly used medications are prescribed for conditions for which there is no benefit, such as non-ulcer dyspepsia," Deborah Grady, M.D., of the University of California, San Francisco, and San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Rita F. Redberg, M.D., also of the University of California, San Francisco, and editor of the Archives of Internal Medicine, wrote in another editorial.

The Hidden Dangers Caused by the Over Use of Antacids

Specialists are now cautioning the general public about the possible hazards caused by the long-term use of antacid. The highly respected medical journal Bone recently reported on a pharmacist that treated her ulcer and GERD with an over-the-counter antacid.

After a few months of use she sought medical help for feebleness, loose stools, agony and a stress fracture. The doctors were very surprised to learn her body had a large amount of excess of aluminum and magnesium hydroxide in her bloodstream. The antacids also had obstructed her digestive metabolism and blocked the assimilation of phosphate, a nutrient indispensable for strong bones.

In a study of 500,000 patients available in The Journal of the American Medical Association. The researchers discovered that antacids essentially make your digestive system more hospitable to harmful bacteria and viruses. They also discovered that individuals utilizing acid reducing drugs were 4.5 times more probable to get pneumonia than those who had not used these medications.

Comparison Of Your Treatment Options
Compare Your Options
Our Program
Medications & Drugs
Esophagus Surgery
Potential Risks And Problems
None, SInce It Is A Natural Holistic Appoach
Numerous Side Affects And Drug Dependency
The Risks Are Simply Too Many To Mention
Probable And Predicable Success Rate
99% If You Follow The Program
No Success, The Drugs Do NOT Cure Anything
Why Bother When There Are Better Options
$100's Monthly
Personal Convenience And Time Required
Minor Life Style Adjustments Are Required
Prescriptions And Trips To The Drug Store
Multiple Doctor Visits And A Hospital Stay
100% Warranty
What Are Your Available Alternatives?
Learn To Cure Yourself Completely & Permanently
Take the Drugs For The Rest Of Your Life
Cut Me Open And Hope And Pray for the Best
Time For You To Decide What Is Best for You
End The Pain Totally And Return To A Normal Life
Take The Drugs Forever Since I Don't Like Changes
Operations Have Worked For Me Before

I give you my Personal Guarantee that I have experienced everything in my videos, books and healing program. When you acquire the course, not only will you have all the resources required to obtain immediate and permanent pain relief. You will be able to live PAIN FREE for the remainder of your life due to the fact your LES and Esophagus heal themselves permitting you to return to your normal life once again.

The Acid Reflux & GERD All-Natural Healing & Curing Program


Step #1 - Get Off the Drugs - The first step is to get off the drugs immediately! You can never end the pain you are experiencing due to acid reflux or GERD as long as you are taking medications that do NOT cure these diseases. They are only designed to supply short-term pain relief. Each time you experience pain that means that the acid from your stomach has come in contact with your LES and esophagus damaging the further. If you continue to use these drugs as a crutch to relieve the pain you will NEVER solve the problem permanently.


Step 2 – Learn about an All-Natural Pain Relief Remedy - We are going to teach you about an all natural product that relieves the pain much faster than any of the drugs or the antacids. In fact, the relief you will feel is almost instant. It does not produce any of the hideous side affects the drugs or medications do and it is far less expensive. You will use this instead of the drugs when you experience pain and since it is a natural product it will not contribute to the conditions worsening as the medications do.


Step 3 – Stop Damaging Your Esophagus and LES - In Step 3 we are going to teach the ONLY way possible for you to stop your stomach acid from reaching your esophagus and LES, this is what is causing you the pain you are experiencing. There is no magic pill or cloak-and-dagger formula that can do this. The only known way to accomplish this is exactly what you will learn here. This is a major portion of our program and once you start on it you will feel much better immediately and after a little while you will NOT even remember you once had these diseases.


Step 4 – The Healing Process - Now that we have stopped the acid from reaching your esophagus and LES, the damage done by the acid to these vital digestive organs has also stopped. This is this final stage in the process where we are going to teach you about two other all natural products that have been used for decade's world wide to help heal wounds. These products will greatly decrease the time required to heal the ulcers and sores in your esophagus and significantly strengthen your LES so food or acid is no longer refluxed from your stomach back up into your esophagus. Once your esophagus and LES are healed you will feel like a completely new person and will return to your normal pain FREE life.

Retail Price $99.95 Now Only $49.95

BONUS #1 - How and When to Be Your Own Doctor

The "How and When to Be Your Own Doctor" book is a wonderful and informative guide that deals with the theories of naturopaths versus traditional medical doctors. The book has been around for quite a while now and has been read by hundreds of thousands of people that swear by the information contained within it.

The book shows how most of what we're taught about modern medicine and health habits is, in effect, incorrect. This is a very long and comprehensive book that contains 289 pages. It provides details on subject that were once consider fact and not debatable, which were later revealed to be incorrect.

The book is loaded with true-life examples, personal experiences and ideas of how to implement and follow a hygienic diet. A professional hygienist wrote the book.

Value $19.95 yours FREE

BONUS #2 - A Complete Handbook of Nature's Cure

The book "A Complete Handbook of Nature's Cure" is a guide to naturopathy. This is an informative resource that contains 265 pages full of valuable information on how to naturally cure many common ailments and diseases.

The book contains information on 100's of different diseases and illnesses, as well as the symptoms, causes, and treatment for them. You can carry the treatments yourself in the comfort of your own home. You will experience renewed energy, increased vitality, and greater satisfaction that comes from living a full and healthful life.


Value $39.95 yours FREE

BONUS #3 - 177 Ways To Burn Calories

If you struggle with weight gain it's a good bet that you have tried at least one of the "fad" diets that crop up on a regular basis. The truth is that some of these diets may grant you temporary weight loss.

In the usual case, however, the weight returns as soon as you stray from the diet. The bottom line is that you gain weight because you consume more calories than your body is able to use and no diet is a substitute for good eating habits.

Since one of the principle causes of acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion is over eating and gain weight because of it this book should provide you a few new ideas on how to combat this issue so many people deal with on a daily, weekly and yearly basis.

Value $19.95 yours FREE

BONUS #4 - 43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed


The book "43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed" is 56 pages packed full of information on how to eat better and feel great because of it. Have you ever wondered what it might be like to find the long lost Fountain of Youth? I can't promise you that, but I can give you a close second.

Tear down the curtain of mystery that surrounds fad diets. 43 Nutrition Secrets will de-mystify and reveal the answers you need before you start wondering where you are going to store all those special meals that cost an arm and a leg.

The book discusses the following subjects plus many more, what is nutrition, good nutrition based on certain foods, breaking years of bad habits, over weight families as well as emotions and lifestyle.

Value $19.95 yours FREE

BONUS #5 - The Seven Secrets to a Good Diet


The "Seven Secrets to a Good Diet" is a very short book, only 16 pages long, but the knowledge provided in it is so important I thought you might enjoy reading and gaining from its perceptive.

Have you tried one diet after the other, without being satisfied? If your answer is YES to this question then this is for you. This book will answers the following questions: Is raw food healthy? Do you need animal foods?

Are supplements necessary to meet your nutritional needs? Is it possible to live on a vegan diet? Is it better to eat cooked or raw food? Can you enjoy eating a raw food diet in a cold climate? What's important to know, if you want to live on a 100% raw diet?

Value $9.95 yours FREE

BONUS #6 - 10 Deadly Health Myths Of The 21st Century

The Book "10 Deadly Health Myths Of The 21st Century" will teach you secrets that most people never learn about the medical industry.This book will forever change your view of modern healthcare.

The book discusses topics such as "I take a vitamin everyday, so my body is getting all the nutrients it needs" True or false, you will find out here.

Are pharmaceuticals are the answer to both my short and long term optimal health strategies? If you ever wonder about this and the effects taking certain drugs have on you mind and body then you will be able to find the answers here. Your sure not going to find it in a 30 second television commercial for a drug; that you already know.

Value $19.95 yours FREE

BONUS #7 - Unlimited Life Time E-Mail Consultation

That is correct; Bill Allen the creator of “The Acid Reflux and GERD All-Natural Healing and Curing Program” is at your beckon call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You receive free instruction, recommendations and support at any time of the day or night if possible, whenever you feel like you require it.

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I was in your shoes once, when the pain was so unbearable that I did not feel like I was going to make. So, I know where you are now and where you can be with a little work and dedication on your part. It was an easy decision for me, and hopefully it will for you too.


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